Monday, August 29, 2011

The Watcher

I am reminded today to be the watcher
Who, within me, observes my emotions, thoughts and actions?
My deeper eternal self;
Not bound to this temporal plane

When I remember to step back from my reactive self
And observe
I am no longer controlled by what I call my soul self
I am not bound by interpretations and meanings given to events
Which may or may not be accurate

There is freedom here.
I can notice what “truths” I’m telling myself
What is my personal narrative?
When my inner critic speaks
Do I meekly accept the condemnation
Or do I speak a greater truth to my self?

How do I allow my emotions to flow through me?
I can choose. 
I can listen to Love
And choose paths of hope, beauty, gratitude, acceptance . . .

Love heals
Love looks for the good
Love is gentle and patient:
With self and others . . .
let’s go of all that does not bring life

We become that on which we focus
What we feed, will flourish
(hey, I'd like to flourish!)

Step back
Inhale the breath of Love
Choose to allow goodness and life
To flow through you
And they will increase

The watcher can always smile
My spirit is always free
and from eternity
can speak blessing and peace 
to my earthly self

Naturally, today has provided opportunity
To put these concepts into practice!
When one's body and mind
are overwhelmed by anxiety
It's not always a simple matter to take that step back!

So, I resort to one of my mantras which is:
"Don't be anxious about being anxious"
Also, "This too, shall pass . . . "
And "This is really an adventure!  Who knows what's around the bend!"

And sometimes it's okay to take one of those
anti-anxiety medications I was prescribed!

Progress not perfection.

Inspired by words from Stephen Van Kuiken;