Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Choose Which is Real

It's like love is the reality,
but there is the dream of fear.
Kinda like parallel universes.
As we begin to awaken from the dream of fear
and begin to see love,
it's like we can fly.
Nothing is impossible.

Christina Gonzalez Daharry 

Which is real?
Which is the illusion?

When I was hooked on drugs and/or alcohol . . .
When I’ve looked to other things (or people) as a means of escape
From fear or pain . . .
Often, what appeared attractive and enticing
Was only a beautiful shimmery veil
Obscuring what would ultimately bring death and darkness

My drugs were my golden little secret
Sweet . . . delectable
Offering the taste of a better reality
Filled with sparkles and color
 and a forgetful mind

Sometimes I was aware of the flimsy veil
Hiding what was true
Most times I chose not to
Preferring the lie

We look to our eyes, minds and feelings
For understanding and truth
Sometimes, we're shown the dark veil of fear
Covering what is good and true

The Real is known best by the
Innermost part of us.
Beyond words
In the place of deep knowing

When I listen carefully to that voice within
When I encourage my eyes to look past
The illusions of fear
and the pretty lies

I see that Love is the heart of all
Love is the center
The essence
The foundation
Of what is . . .

We choose

In the span of an hour or two
I can transition from deep despair and fear
To singing at the top of my lungs for joy

My focus jumps back and forth
Between dream and real
Between the concrete world and the spiritual plane . . .

We needn’t focus on the veils;
glittery distractions or fears that absorb hope
We need only live here
In the golden light
Of Love
The lies and fears are only shadows
Appearing (and feeling) real
Love is always present
Always real

Much of the time
I don’t live what I've just written
Frequently, I run to that enticing shiny bauble or veil

I am learning to stay
To trust
To know
That Love’s hand is working
Within me
My deepest self knows
Is overjoyed
And more and more often
Joy overflows to the rest of me

In conclusion, I’ll share a few words from the Moody Blues
(not in exact order)

Cold hearted orb
That rules the night
Removes the colours
From our sight
Red is gray and
Yellow white
But we decide
Which is right


Which is an Illusion

And I love you, yes I love you,
Oh how I love you, oh how I love you.

The universe sings to you
Love, who made all, sings to you
I love you, yes I love you

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Loving Truth. It works!

It took about 24 hours to get past my emotions (fear . . . anger . . . )
But, then I was able to listen to my heart
Get to what my truth was  . . .
Verbalize in a loving, direct (adult) manner . . .

and Voila!

My truth connected with the other person
And I was able to learn some of what their truth is

So freeing 


Truth . . . Reality . . . What is
Seeing and knowing these

Frees the soul

This differs greatly
From believing you know The Truth
And hitting someone over the head with it

I've done this to others . . . 
Had it done to me . . . 
It can involve things spiritual, nutritional, medical, etc.
Once we're convinced of something
We often want to share our excitement and wisdom with others
Whether they're interested or not
Usually attempting to persuade

Unless I'm looking or asking for direction on something
I'm probably not going to change my point of view
No matter how many times or how creatively you say it to me
No matter how many "facts" you have to support your claim
No matter how emotional you get with your repeated attempts to convince!

You can only change you
I can only change me
The best way to help me
Is walk alongside me
Love me
Respect me (and my beliefs)
Share what you are learning and experiencing . . .

Trust I'll see what I need to see
Learn what I need to learn

True change happens from the inside out
Love responds to love
Deep calls to deep

One seeking truth will recognize truth
Will resonate with it

Not my job to change another soul
That's Love's department
Not my place to judge another's soul
Love knows.  Love will guide.

When I am feeling bound, stuck, lost . . .
I need to look for the truth I'm living from
Speak it.  Share it.
I will thus learn the greater truth.

Speak the truth in love.
Whatever truth you know
Speak, speak, speak!
And receive.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Easier Said Than Done


First some words of wisdom from Eckhart Tolle . . .

Do you really need to mentally label every sense perception and experience?  
Do you really need to have a reactive like/dislike relationship with life . . . ?
Or is that just a deep-seated mental habit that can be broken?

Surrender is surrender to this moment,
not to a story through which you interpret this moment 
and then try to resign yourself to it.

Things are as they are
What is, is.

Can you accept the isness of this moment
and not confuse it with a story the mind has created around it?

. . . .

 It was so easy to write my last post . . . 
In real life, dwelling in the truth that "nothing is personal"
can be an extraordinary challenge!

Where are the lines?  
When am I allowing the other
to simply be themselves without judgment?
And when am I being co-dependent and unhealthy
(by stuffing my true feelings)?

Love and honesty need to be part of the package
Speak your truth . . . listen . . . 
Really listen . . .
And listen to your heart
(not your emotions . . . they can certainly cloud things)
This seems the best path toward learning the heart of the matter.

Separating ourselves from the story we've built around another's actions.
Huge part of the puzzle! 
I always want to ascribe meanings to things!


And, we do best to accept ourselves as we are!
Even, or especially, when we are not being accepting of another.
When we are listening to our stories, rather than letting things be.

Most, if not all, of the happenings in our lives don't need to be labeled "good" or "bad"
They just are.
I have a goal to stop labeling . . . defining . . . judging . . . 
Situations and people in this way.

To stop projecting my fears and preconceptions onto others.
Let everything be.

I'm rambling a bit on this one.  Feeling challenged to live in the place of surrender and trust;  trust that things will be clear when and if they need to be.
(and not liking it one bit!)
Feel free to share any insights you might have!

Leave Life alone.  Let it be.

Eckhart Tolle

Quotes from Stillness Speaks, by Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nothing is Personal

Don't Take Anything Personally: 
Nothing others do is because of you. 
What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, 
their own dream. 
When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, 
you won't be the victim of needless suffering. 
♥ Love & Let it Go Always!

Not taking something personally, 
does not mean hardening the heart.
It means accepting a person where they are; as they are.
Everything must happen within love and grace.
Toward self
Toward others

My habit throughout life
Has been to feel self loathing
Whenever I've realized I've done "wrong". 
Whenever I've not done as I "should" . . .
not fit into expectations; real or imagined.

Not just after the fact, but during the fact
Whenever I am choosing what I think is not best
Automatic self loathing . . . self punishment.

Here's something I truly believe.
Each of us does our best at any given moment.
Even when it seems a clearly bad decision;
an unkind, unloving action or word . . . 
Even then . . .
There is some reason we feel unable to behave differently.

When I castigate myself for being stupid, unloving, selfish, etc.
I draw myself further from what is right and good.
Withdrawing love from myself
Results in self focus, self pity . . . paralysis
No change for the better.

The truth is . . . I'm punishing myself for being human.
For being a perfectly imperfect human being.
(what else could I be?)

If I, instead, smile at my precious self
With unconditional love
Welcoming the hurt parts of myself
Into conscious acceptance
I am then free to change . . .
To heal
to let go of all that is harmful to me and others
A simple letting go of what I no longer need
or desire

As I love myself in this manner
I am able to love others more fully, as well.

When I smile at your precious, human self
When I lovingly accept all of you,
Not giving into defensiveness and hurt,
you are freed to change
To let go of what is harming you and others.

It is human nature to protect and fight, when attacked.
To hold onto what is threatened.
(even when we really don't want what we're holding!)

The less I threaten you
The less you'll feel a need to defend, explain
and hold onto that which troubles you and others.

Why do I do what I do?
I long for love
I long for freedom
I long to be special
(don't we all?)
I long to be a channel of love to others
These things I know.

When I make choices that do not draw me closer to Love
I am believing some lie
I am trying to manipulate reality 
I'm off track.  
Condemnation from self or others
Only drives me further into the lie.

Love draws me to love.  
Love leads to love.

The only good and true law.

Love always.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Release of judgement

Releasing judgement of another is actually releasing judgement of yourself. 
By the practice of loving yourself, 
you free yourself of judgement and criticism, 
developing wholesome quality of mind, 
aligned with your Heart. 
Love always...

From Live Laugh Love

This speaks to not living under law . . . under or within rules . . . 
for relationship . . . for life . . .
We are free to love and be loved
Free to give and be given to
Without the need for judgement
in the guise of self defense

I choose to walk within the stream of love
or I choose to climb onto the safety of the bank
watching love flow by
separate from others
separate from self

Each choice has consequences

The more closely I walk with Love . . .
The more I am filled by 
and immerse myself
Love . . .

I need not fear.
Insecurity and uncertainty
Have no place
In pure, complete Love

We are all children of God
Splashing around in this sea of life
There is one Sun above us
To warm our faces and our souls
As long as we look upward
And connect with our Source
There is no fear

When we look to each other
For sustenance
Fear enters . . .
Disenchantment and disillusionment follow.

There is only one Source

Release judgement of all others.
Let go of expectations and hopes
For perfect love
From a fellow sea swimmer

Delight in our shared sea of humanity
Delight in the promise of love and light
Look within.
The Source is there
Raise your face to the Sun
Return the smile beaming down on you

As long as we look in the right places
For what we desire
We will not be disappointed



Saturday, July 9, 2011

Law: I see it now

Worries and fears plague me
Swallow up beautiful moments
Shadow times of pleasure
Darken the windows of my soul

What is the weight that so often burdens?
Where do those niggling little worries come from?
Little worms that squirm and wiggle around
Inside my head . . . my belly . . . my heart . . .

Remember.  Remember!
There is no fear in love!
No fear in Love!

Those little worries are searching for their boundaries
The darkness in my chest turns in on itself
In the confusion of not knowing where I belong;
Not knowing if I’m measuring up . . .

There are no boundaries to be found
I have been programmed . . .
Have programmed myself
To believe that I live under law;
That there are certain rules, which must be kept
In order to have value
As a human being  

There is no law!

Actually, there is one law

I thought I was past all this!
Determined and sneaky
My subconscious
My rule keeper

If I remain within this law paradigm
My soul will continue to look for walls and boxes
Within which to live . . .
Will always feel uneasy
At not knowing the rules

Deep, deep paradigm
Much has been chipped away
The foundations remain
Rock solid veins
Run throughout
Body and Soul

I send Love
To flow through these spaces
Crumble and wash away
The final vestiges

Leaving clear spaces
Where love and truth will flow

Rules and guidelines
Were my drug
I turned to them to feel safe and secure
I stayed within the boxes I knew
Inside my small, safe places
Protected from the dangerous unknown

That I clung to for life
and meaning

There are no walls!
Life is an open field
No direction off limits

I choose.
I can choose Love
or not

But, I am free to choose;
To draw nearer and nearer
to the Me who was meant to be
The Me I long to be
Free to love
and be loved

And no matter what I choose
My value is great
My validity unquestioned
For I am Beloved