Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nothing is Personal

Don't Take Anything Personally: 
Nothing others do is because of you. 
What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, 
their own dream. 
When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, 
you won't be the victim of needless suffering. 
♥ Love & Let it Go Always!

Not taking something personally, 
does not mean hardening the heart.
It means accepting a person where they are; as they are.
Everything must happen within love and grace.
Toward self
Toward others

My habit throughout life
Has been to feel self loathing
Whenever I've realized I've done "wrong". 
Whenever I've not done as I "should" . . .
not fit into expectations; real or imagined.

Not just after the fact, but during the fact
Whenever I am choosing what I think is not best
Automatic self loathing . . . self punishment.

Here's something I truly believe.
Each of us does our best at any given moment.
Even when it seems a clearly bad decision;
an unkind, unloving action or word . . . 
Even then . . .
There is some reason we feel unable to behave differently.

When I castigate myself for being stupid, unloving, selfish, etc.
I draw myself further from what is right and good.
Withdrawing love from myself
Results in self focus, self pity . . . paralysis
No change for the better.

The truth is . . . I'm punishing myself for being human.
For being a perfectly imperfect human being.
(what else could I be?)

If I, instead, smile at my precious self
With unconditional love
Welcoming the hurt parts of myself
Into conscious acceptance
I am then free to change . . .
To heal
to let go of all that is harmful to me and others
A simple letting go of what I no longer need
or desire

As I love myself in this manner
I am able to love others more fully, as well.

When I smile at your precious, human self
When I lovingly accept all of you,
Not giving into defensiveness and hurt,
you are freed to change
To let go of what is harming you and others.

It is human nature to protect and fight, when attacked.
To hold onto what is threatened.
(even when we really don't want what we're holding!)

The less I threaten you
The less you'll feel a need to defend, explain
and hold onto that which troubles you and others.

Why do I do what I do?
I long for love
I long for freedom
I long to be special
(don't we all?)
I long to be a channel of love to others
These things I know.

When I make choices that do not draw me closer to Love
I am believing some lie
I am trying to manipulate reality 
I'm off track.  
Condemnation from self or others
Only drives me further into the lie.

Love draws me to love.  
Love leads to love.

The only good and true law.

Love always.