Saturday, July 9, 2011

Law: I see it now

Worries and fears plague me
Swallow up beautiful moments
Shadow times of pleasure
Darken the windows of my soul

What is the weight that so often burdens?
Where do those niggling little worries come from?
Little worms that squirm and wiggle around
Inside my head . . . my belly . . . my heart . . .

Remember.  Remember!
There is no fear in love!
No fear in Love!

Those little worries are searching for their boundaries
The darkness in my chest turns in on itself
In the confusion of not knowing where I belong;
Not knowing if I’m measuring up . . .

There are no boundaries to be found
I have been programmed . . .
Have programmed myself
To believe that I live under law;
That there are certain rules, which must be kept
In order to have value
As a human being  

There is no law!

Actually, there is one law

I thought I was past all this!
Determined and sneaky
My subconscious
My rule keeper

If I remain within this law paradigm
My soul will continue to look for walls and boxes
Within which to live . . .
Will always feel uneasy
At not knowing the rules

Deep, deep paradigm
Much has been chipped away
The foundations remain
Rock solid veins
Run throughout
Body and Soul

I send Love
To flow through these spaces
Crumble and wash away
The final vestiges

Leaving clear spaces
Where love and truth will flow

Rules and guidelines
Were my drug
I turned to them to feel safe and secure
I stayed within the boxes I knew
Inside my small, safe places
Protected from the dangerous unknown

That I clung to for life
and meaning

There are no walls!
Life is an open field
No direction off limits

I choose.
I can choose Love
or not

But, I am free to choose;
To draw nearer and nearer
to the Me who was meant to be
The Me I long to be
Free to love
and be loved

And no matter what I choose
My value is great
My validity unquestioned
For I am Beloved