Monday, June 27, 2011


I gaze into the vacant eye of infinity

Formless endless space
Swallows all

The mote that is me
Floats . . . wanders . . .
A speck among many
Randomly floating in the sea of reality

Strong breezes blow
Currents of time flow around and through me
Carrying energy.  Life.  Truth.
Questions hang in the air

Mystery . . . mystery . . .
Embrace the mystery 

I gaze into the vacant eye of infinity
Lost in the depths.
A lepton forgotten . . . misplaced . . .
What flavor am I?

Love matters.
A kind touch
Tender kiss on the cheek
Here and now

Not in eternity.
Not in vacant space.
Too vast to care

Play the games
Fit in
Join the crowds
Walk in death.
In life that is not life
Empty energy.

Walk alone
Be alone

We are all alone
We are all connected
Tendrils of life
Soul to soul
Heart to heart

This is all there is
Life recognizing life
Love recognizing love

Love never stops
Love never leaves
The island in the sea
Solid ground
For the mote that is me