Monday, June 13, 2011

Shimmering Darkness

Some days the darkness hangs heavy in my chest
Pervading  . . . seeping into all aspects of self
Thoughts are muddled and energy draining
I slog through sadness
Each step a triumph of will

My soul searches for relief
Finding it 
In the offering of kindness . . .
In the recognition of shared humanity

I look into the eyes of another . . . and smile
I speak friendly or funny words
My bit of spark is received and reflected back to me

Like a shimmery thread of energy
This golden tendril reaches deep within
To my Source
I am briefly connected to another
We have exchanged bits of life

In my darkness there is light
Pain and goodness coexist
Suffering infused with joy
Joy bearing the burden of suffering

Meaning resides
In this place
Of shimmering darkness

How sweet
The ability to speak
And smile
Through the weight
To know
In some small way
I loved another