Friday, September 23, 2011

To Be Known

Ultimately, I am all I can know
No one can step into my skin
And truly know me
Nor I, them

We filter what we see and hear
 Through our personal paradigms
We project our thoughts and feelings
Onto others.

My skin contains
Or maintains
That which is me

Energy flowing
To, through, from  . . .

Within the womb
I began experiencing my unique life
Within myself

I am always
In perceptions of reality

My closest relationship is with self
I know more of my mind and feelings
Than I can know of Spirit who lives in me
Though Love knows me completely
I can never know Love as intimately

So . . .

My spirit joins with Spirit
and picks up bits and pieces
My soul longs to know Love better
 I am too tightly bound to this earth
The flesh and bone being that I am
Senses earthly things
More easily than spiritual

There is a barrier of flesh
A barrier of rocks and dirt and trees and water . . .
of thoughts and beliefs . . . feelings and happenings . . .
Through which Spirit flows
Like a haze of smoke
Seen, and yet . . .
Barriers remain

I must learn myself
I must learn who I am
Who I was created to be
Look for pieces of God in me
Clear my vision
and being
of "not Love"

We are all alone
Known by One we cannot truly know
Everyone believes their best guess
At what's true and real

I know what love is
Love and I
Know each other

I want my spirit to touch the sky
I want to feel and know
My connection to Love
I am too heavy on this earth
Too bound

Like a beautiful ribbon
Twirling as it rises
(or deeper dives)
Joining the flow of Life
My spirit would fly

To the center, yes.
Down to the Center
The Heart
The Source
 Allowing Life to flow into me

I am alone
My energy flows to others
Theirs to me
All one
All alone

I walk my beautiful path
Different from all others
And trust . . .

I trust in the Spirit I sense
In the wisdom that speaks
So quietly I often doubt its reality

My deepest self knows
My deepest self knows I am not truly alone
Alone as a human being
Alone as spirit