Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't Quit Before the Miracle Happens

You reached inside the darkness of my mind... 
and groped around until your love could find... 
A strand of hope uncovered... 
Light to find my way... 
and so, now..... 
I will die another day.
Robert Rutherford

We look at light and don't see it
We see love . . .
and deny it
Fear . . . anger . . .
of past betrayals
Define our reality

Human eyes
Betray us

When all is dark
to your human self
Close those eyes
and peer within

The eyes of spirit
see clear and true

The light burns warm and bright
Waiting for you

It IS you

When you cannot see through the inner darkness
Look for the light in others
Someone near you vibrates with energy
Someone near you has drawn nearer to
The warmth that is love within

The light in me
reaches out 
to the light in you

My spark 
brightens as it 
senses and loves yours

We are all one
Joined by love
Seen or not seen
Sensed or not
We are joined by our humanity
We are joined by love
which flows
Through and around

To live another day

is to be open to the possibility 
of seeing the light
 of being touched by love

Don't quit before the miracle happens