Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Religion is Division

Lines are drawn

Those within the group
Must meet
Certain standards
Of behavior
And belief

Those outside
Are in need of conversion
To the right way of thinking
In order to be

On which side of the line are you?
Can I trust that you believe as I do?
Are you safe to share my life with?
I need us to think the same.
Be the same

Love is inclusion
There are no lines
No in and out
No expectations
Or standards to meet

Love has no conditions
Only freedom
To be truly you

True, beautiful, authentic me
Amazing, inspiring, transparent you

Peaceful, kind, joyful


Friday, March 16, 2012


Projections into the future
Living where you're not

Hopes and dreams
Built on air
In reality

Emotions attached
To illusions
Self created

False belief  
That you can know
Or control
The future
Can create or foresee
What “should be”

When dreams die
When expectations
Are not realized
Where are you?

You are always
Only one place:
The present

You always know
Only one time:

Breathe in now
Feel the earth beneath you . . . now
Know you have all you need
For right now

Every moment
Every day
You will have what you need
Your future is revealed
One day at a time
No other way

* * * * * * * * *

Results of placing expectations on others; on how the future will be . . . 
resentment, hurt, disappointment, anger, hopelessness . . . 
You are doing the best you know how.  
Trust that others do the same.
This is truth.
There's no other time within which we can live.
It is always now.

Let go of yesterday.
Let go of tomorrow.
All is well at this moment.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Rhythm of You

At your beginning
You were one cell
This cell pulsed
It had a beat; a vibration
(remember, you did not yet have a heart)

When the one became two
The cells pulsed together
The same beat;  same vibration

And so it continued
Cells reproduced
Became specialized . . . 

And always
Your rhythm
Your vibration
Resonated through every cell

That same energy
The same rhythm
Pulses throughout your being now


This energy
The exact color and feel of it
Is you!

We now have the technology
to detect a person's energy
It extends far beyond our bodies
We 'touch' each other as we pass on the street

Our thoughts and feelings
Change and color how our energy 'feels'
To ourselves and others
When I focus on 
Loving kindness
Those near me are affected 

When I attempt to impose
A different beat upon self
A way of thought and being
That is not mine
That is not love
There is conflict, stress
Sadness and fear

The more I listen to my rhythm
And live within it
The more I am in peace

Who we are
What we think, believe and focus on
Changes us
Can change the world
Bit by bit

So much mystery 
In this universe of ours
Beautiful, magical
Invisible to most


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Demi and me. Not so different.

I read some quotes today
from Demi Moore
with which I could relate
She is afraid she'll come to discover
That she is truly not lovable
She has done many things
Including starving herself
Trying to make herself more attractive

She fears the loss of her youth
and the attributes which made her famous
Demi is trapped in seeking "love"
Based on external factors

I've done this.
Starved myself in hopes of getting positive attention
Tried to change myself
To meet the perceived desires of others
I've believed I was only beautiful 
If others said so

Most of my life
I've felt that if I was not observed . . .
If no one saw me doing something . . . 
If no one looked at me
And liked what they saw . . .

I didn't really exist
I wasn't solid
My feeling, thoughts and actions
Meant nothing without a witness 
To give them (me) value

I see this in Demi
I know how it feels
Lost . . Alone
Always craving more attention
More validation

But, it's never enough

It's the looking outside of self
For value
Such an easy trap to fall into
Especially if you can manipulate people
Into giving you what you think want

I am losing masks
I am losing casings and molds
Which I have so often squeezed 
Myself into

As my inner Lynelle
Strengthens and grows
Layers of protective coverings
Crumble and fall away

Oh sweet delight
To be consistent - compatible
With Self

The facades I've taken on
The shapes within which I've been encased
The lovely masks . . . 

They weren't me
Aren't me

I grow ever more congruous
Consistent through and through

When something is not compatible 
With my true self;
If it does not bring peace and joy 
It does not belong in or around me 
(or, I must learn a different way of perceiving what is)

A reminder to live from the heart
Not force things that "should" be

Sweet, simple, safe
Nurture love
Nurture what gives life

Seek life and love
And all will be well
All we need is found in these things
Within ourselves

I am learning to love myself
And do things to nurture this
I trust my solid self 

She who is me
Purely me