Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Rhythm of You

At your beginning
You were one cell
This cell pulsed
It had a beat; a vibration
(remember, you did not yet have a heart)

When the one became two
The cells pulsed together
The same beat;  same vibration

And so it continued
Cells reproduced
Became specialized . . . 

And always
Your rhythm
Your vibration
Resonated through every cell

That same energy
The same rhythm
Pulses throughout your being now


This energy
The exact color and feel of it
Is you!

We now have the technology
to detect a person's energy
It extends far beyond our bodies
We 'touch' each other as we pass on the street

Our thoughts and feelings
Change and color how our energy 'feels'
To ourselves and others
When I focus on 
Loving kindness
Those near me are affected 

When I attempt to impose
A different beat upon self
A way of thought and being
That is not mine
That is not love
There is conflict, stress
Sadness and fear

The more I listen to my rhythm
And live within it
The more I am in peace

Who we are
What we think, believe and focus on
Changes us
Can change the world
Bit by bit

So much mystery 
In this universe of ours
Beautiful, magical
Invisible to most