Monday, July 11, 2011

Release of judgement

Releasing judgement of another is actually releasing judgement of yourself. 
By the practice of loving yourself, 
you free yourself of judgement and criticism, 
developing wholesome quality of mind, 
aligned with your Heart. 
Love always...

From Live Laugh Love

This speaks to not living under law . . . under or within rules . . . 
for relationship . . . for life . . .
We are free to love and be loved
Free to give and be given to
Without the need for judgement
in the guise of self defense

I choose to walk within the stream of love
or I choose to climb onto the safety of the bank
watching love flow by
separate from others
separate from self

Each choice has consequences

The more closely I walk with Love . . .
The more I am filled by 
and immerse myself
Love . . .

I need not fear.
Insecurity and uncertainty
Have no place
In pure, complete Love

We are all children of God
Splashing around in this sea of life
There is one Sun above us
To warm our faces and our souls
As long as we look upward
And connect with our Source
There is no fear

When we look to each other
For sustenance
Fear enters . . .
Disenchantment and disillusionment follow.

There is only one Source

Release judgement of all others.
Let go of expectations and hopes
For perfect love
From a fellow sea swimmer

Delight in our shared sea of humanity
Delight in the promise of love and light
Look within.
The Source is there
Raise your face to the Sun
Return the smile beaming down on you

As long as we look in the right places
For what we desire
We will not be disappointed