Sunday, July 17, 2011

Loving Truth. It works!

It took about 24 hours to get past my emotions (fear . . . anger . . . )
But, then I was able to listen to my heart
Get to what my truth was  . . .
Verbalize in a loving, direct (adult) manner . . .

and Voila!

My truth connected with the other person
And I was able to learn some of what their truth is

So freeing 


Truth . . . Reality . . . What is
Seeing and knowing these

Frees the soul

This differs greatly
From believing you know The Truth
And hitting someone over the head with it

I've done this to others . . . 
Had it done to me . . . 
It can involve things spiritual, nutritional, medical, etc.
Once we're convinced of something
We often want to share our excitement and wisdom with others
Whether they're interested or not
Usually attempting to persuade

Unless I'm looking or asking for direction on something
I'm probably not going to change my point of view
No matter how many times or how creatively you say it to me
No matter how many "facts" you have to support your claim
No matter how emotional you get with your repeated attempts to convince!

You can only change you
I can only change me
The best way to help me
Is walk alongside me
Love me
Respect me (and my beliefs)
Share what you are learning and experiencing . . .

Trust I'll see what I need to see
Learn what I need to learn

True change happens from the inside out
Love responds to love
Deep calls to deep

One seeking truth will recognize truth
Will resonate with it

Not my job to change another soul
That's Love's department
Not my place to judge another's soul
Love knows.  Love will guide.

When I am feeling bound, stuck, lost . . .
I need to look for the truth I'm living from
Speak it.  Share it.
I will thus learn the greater truth.

Speak the truth in love.
Whatever truth you know
Speak, speak, speak!
And receive.