Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Am

The words "I am"
Are powerful.

When God said, 
"I am that I am"*
He declared his transcendence 
Of human definition
Any other word placed after "I am"
Would simply describe one aspect
Of who and what God is

Our attempts to comprehend, 
Define or  categorize 
The infinite and unknowable
Inevitably create a smaller god.

The more we're able to live in the mystery
The closer we are to the heart of what is
(was I made in the image of "I Am"?)

Personal, foundational beliefs
Create space and structure 
Within which our souls
Can safely learn and grow

Addiction to the constructs created
Can blind us to new, deeper understandings
Of Love . . . Spirit . . . Source

The more loosely held 
These manmade paradigms,
The more clearly 
Love's voice is heard 

The words "I am"
Are powerful.

When I say
"I am sad"
"I am afraid"
I create an image of self
Transforming illusion
Into my reality

I am infinite and unknowable
Aspects of who I am
Can be observed, sensed and "understood"
All labels and descriptions
Ultimately diminish
Understanding of the 
Eternal being that I am

I am not sad
I am feeling sad
I am not anxious
I am experiencing anxiety
These feelings do not define me;
Cannot limit me,
Unless I choose to climb into the box
Where feelings = truth

Living within the reality of 
Fear and self-loathing
Traps me in delusion
Negates the truth that 
I am a beautiful, eternal being

A dear friend once said,
"Jesus can't heal what you won't feel."
I find truth in this
I cannot be healed of what I don't see;
Of what I won't acknowledge or feel . . .
Own . . . confess

"Negative" feelings reveal aspects of self
Which need healing; forgiveness.

No need to judge or label
Feelings or thoughts as 
"Good" or "Bad"

Pain, fear, anger, etc.
Are gifts.
of lies believed
Love's promises forgotten

I needn't be anxious about feeling anxious
Needn't despair that I feel despair
No need to create a false identity
Based on emotion

I am

Love is my Source
The seed of me
All else is a dream
Attempts by my fearful, temporal self
To contain and control

Watch and know
You are . . . 
You are precious and perfect**
You might not know it yet

You will . . .