Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Matrix Within

I am not my body
I am not what I do
I am not what I feel
I am passenger
and pilot
Of this physical frame

In the Chronicles of Amber*
The story is told of a 
Superhuman royal family whose members can wander
 among infinite parallel worlds 
called "shadows"
They achieve this ability by walking "The Pattern",
a labyrinth, 
which is the foundation and source 
of their true world

This pattern;
What I think of as a matrix,
Is internalized
All life and reality 
Flow from this
foundational structure
Their "Source matrix":

Anything not following this exact pattern
Is but a shadow
Of what is true

To return from Shadow 
to Reality
One must focus on the pattern
Drawing closer
Going deeper
Into the heart 
of the source

Our source matrix
is Love
Everything not love
Is shadow

Life and energy flow from within
Shining outward, past and through
the external paradigms
Coverings . . . constructs . . . molds

They are illusion.

Pain does not define me
Fear cannot confine me
Weakness is a deception

I am not my body
I am not what I do
I am not what I feel

Though I can feel what I am

My Source is Love
I am love
My Source is strength and beauty
I am strength and beauty 
Though I cannot always see
My beautiful, strong self

I focus on the matrix of Love
I draw closer
Settle ever deeper
Into I Am

I notice pain
I notice my weakness and fear
Sadness and uncertainty

They are tissue paper coverings
Experienced as solid
Confining and obscuring

Focus on Source
Live within Love


This will all fall away
Pain will be forgotten
All shadows turned to ash

Joy comes in the morning