Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Glorious and Fleeting

(Powerful words written by a friend who is grappling with the effects of Alzheimers)


Ripping, shredding
tearing from the inside out
fraying at the edges ~
The brilliant mind slowly parts
from the glorious, yet fleeting tent
You have fashioned.

Reserve and careful control fade ~
Now unfiltered raw emotions
are seen through the veil
as it dissipates.

Magnificent vessel of Your creation
slips to the side
of the Potter’s wheel
as it spins, and is dashed ~
its shape now unrecognizable
from that which was.

We long for the day when we,
Your works of clay, are drawn
in final form from the fire ~
Vibrant colors blended and edged
with gold, to serve at your eternal table.

But for now we grieve for the centered balance
That was and is no more.