Thursday, October 9, 2014

I See You

A glowing heat that can be blocked 
but not contained
Emanates through all beings
as love, thought, longing and peace.
When letting this vibrancy through,
We open the common heart that lives beneath
All human longing . . . 

Mark Nepo
The Book of Awakening

All I want
All I want
Is the One
The one thing

I see you

I fight past the veils
Struggle through illusions
of separation

I see you
Your brilliance shines
Reflects, resonates
Pierces my soul
One soul seeing another

I am you
You are me
There is only one
One hunger
One Source
One Voice

Speaking each and all
Singing through a million throats
Splashing myriad canvasses
With color and light

I see you
You see me
Speak me
Sing me

For what do I yearn?
What is this longing?
Where are you, my Love?
My Life?

See me
See me

Expressions of love are not the Love
Representations of life; not Life
Fixating on what feels good, looks good, tastes good
Craving touch -
 The kindness of a lover
Not the cure

Through which light shines
Through which to pass
Not the safe place from which to live

Reflections.  Expressions.  Guides.  Avenues.

Focus on satiation
Feeds the hunger
Focus on Light
Draws you through and in 

There is no shame in the longing
The grasping 
The wandering
All is rooted in the one desire
the one hunger
Common to all

Strung out
Lost in our addictions
Temporary cures fail
We fall
and open our eyes

I delight in the spark
I see in you
For it is also mine

I see you
I see myself
I was never lost.