Monday, May 9, 2011


Feels so good
Each piece in place
Everything in line

I looked around
Listened hard
Watched and learned
Which path to tread

I know who I am
I know where I belong

Lines clearly . . . boldly drawn
Boxes neatly in a row
Clear and simple
Path to freedom
(Just stay between the lines)
Success and triumph!
Here I come . . . 

I know who I’m supposed to be
I know where I belong

Anything that doesn’t fit
I carefully remove
(Or cover and deny)

I know who I’m supposed to be
I’m learning who I am

Perfection is the highest call
It means no mess
The stress I feel . . . It don’t belong
All my boxes line up right
All my outsides shiny bright

Darkness looms
Questions threaten
Danger beckons
Look away!

I know who I am!
I know where I belong!
Watch and follow
Watch and follow!
I will take you home

Sterile light
Exposes fear
Brings me back to
Surface safety

I’m black and white
No secrets here
Simple and free
That's me

Don’t look too deep
That’s where the colors hide

I know who I am
I know where I belong

I know who you are
I know where you belong

. . . 

I've forgotten who I am