Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dreams Realized

There's an author (Dylan Morrison) with whom I've interacted.  
He recently posted an article about dreams, 
and how God sometimes speaks through them,  
and that he is sometimes able to interpret them

I shared a dream with him.  Below is the dream and the interpretation.  
Though I had the dream a few years ago, it wasn't true then,
 and I wouldn't have understood.  
I now understand, and am very much free.
(remember to double click fractals for a more enjoyable experience!) 

and whether you read it all or not, the message I wish to share
is that dreams do come true.  
Our desires are based in love; in truth.
My deepest desires.  
The hunger I've had for deep
abiding peace and love.  
I'm walking in these now.


I was a boy in a boarding school.  
I was in a large dorm room with lots of beds 
I was a boy in a boarding school.  
I was in a large dorm room with lots of beds for all the students.  
At the age of 16 it was mandatory for all students to go to drumming class.  
I was fifteen.

Someone gave me a pink slip of paper 
with my name and age listed as sixteen. 
 I asked the older boy if I had to go, since I actually wasn't that age yet.  
I was told "no".

 I didn't want to go to drumming class because, if I did, 
they would discover that I was a true drummer already.  
This would also reveal that I could fly,
 something I did not want known.  

After all the other boys were gone, I flew.  
Usually, when I fly in dreams I have to concentrate 
really hard to keep myself up. 
 I have spinning techniques and create pressure between myself 
and the ground.  
This time, there was no thought, no effort.  

There were big high doors to get out of the room. 
 I entered a hallway that had large doorway after doorway 
(there were quite a few, one after the other, with 6 yards or so between them).  
As I approached each one, the doors would open (2 doors, parting in the middle)
 so I could fly through.  I stayed near the ceiling. 
 I began to notice a curious thing; 
there were fingerprints at the top of the doors and on the ceiling!  
There were other secret flyers!  

As I emerged out of the building, 
I became aware of another flyer behind me; female.  
I also was now female.  We sang together.  
The most beautiful harmonies I had ever heard.  
We flew out in the country.  
It was a beautiful night.  Bright, bright stars . . . big full moon.  
Shadows were very distinct.  
We flew around the tops of huge trees and sang 
"I have never ever been so happy before"  

The harmonies were overwhelmingly beautiful, 
and we kept singing about how happy we were . .. 
I was filled with joy.  
It felt like pure, unfiltered ecstasy and delight. 

This dream was truly a gift to me.  I still feel joy when I think of it.


A wonderful dream Lynelle

Here goes:

The boarding school for boys represent a male dominated belief system - 
regimented with a fixed programe.

In this system you played along with the 'male' control 
but in reality you are female with a different kind of spirit.

The someone who gave you the pink slip is I believe the Divine - 
He/She was giving you permission to come out so to speak 
as a drummer and flyer. 
 - you have a gift. 
The old thought form believed that one 'qualified' by attending 'disciplined lessons' 
to get to the stage of drumming.
 Not so from the Divine perspective.

The boy represents male authority that informs you that you don't qualify - 
perhaps your father or a past father figure, even male siblings.

You've always known you could drum - play in resonance with Holy Spirit/Breath. 
You've kept this gift under wraps in the past 
but now Spirit is asking you and empowering you to play.

The boys leaving represents the departure of the male control mindset. 
When they're gone you fly - in a way you haven't before
 - effortlessly - no pressure of expectation. 
In the past you have tried to channel your spirituality and gifting
 in a way that doesn't step out of the control environment you were involved with. 
Now you are free, to be you and to enjoy your spirituality 
without having to always look over your shoulder 
through fear of displeasing another.

Flying in a dream represents the ability to live and move in Spirit -
 to live from Source and to operate in spiritual gifting for the ultimate benefit of others.

The opening doors represent the opportunity to change your whole spiritual perception
 of yourself and others. 
You are leaving the building or paradigm that has 'contained' you for many years, 
especially your early and adolescent years.

The secret flyers represent others who have enjoyed their own spirituality 
but kept it under wraps within the thought system you found yourself in. 
Such was the control of the boarding school authorities 
that fear was the dominant emotion within its adherents or members. 
This is to encourage you that you are not alone on your new journey.

Most importantly, your spirituality can no longer be confined by a belief system. 
Flying free above the trees represents flying above 'leadership' 
and their dictates and judgments. 
The female flyer with you is in fact you, the real you 
that now joins in harmony with the controlled you or pretend you of the past. 
The harmony represents the reintegration of spirit and fragmented soul.

In a word Lynelle you are now FREE!

Hope this helps

Your friend

yes, yes, yes, yes, yes . . . 

Now I am outside the doors . . . there are no doors . . . 
there are no rules . . .  all is one  . . . 
all is Love . . . 

The singer behind me is me!  so beautiful. 
 I am one.  Spirit and I are one.

Too beautiful.  Too wonderful to grasp.  
Bit by bit, Beauty settles in my soul . . . rests and flourishes . . . 
flowers and flows . . . golden light . . . peace . . . 
all is free . . . all is good . . . 
no fear, no guilt, no shame . . . 
all is Love