Friday, February 24, 2012

Mystery Beyond Words

different dimension
filling everything

the universe is thick
with mystery and meaning
nothing void

there's a place in my chest
where I feel the call . . . 
with a dimension beyond
yet, encompassing
all that is

energy that flows through all
filling to overflowing
all that is

we are within
all creation
is within us

energy and life
there's nowhere they're not
smile.  rejoice!

we are united within 
this miracle of flow
every cell, every atom
the mystery flows deeper still

I am carried
far beyond the stars
there is no near or far
all is one

mind, body

I observe my thinking self
from a deeper place

when I step into this space
reality becomes crystal clear
beauty overwhelms

my child self delights in the sparkle
the sweet fresh breeze
sun on the water
clouds drifting across the blue, blue sky
the fragrance of fresh grass
and rich brown soil

oh, what joy
to live beyond the burdens
beyond judgments and meaning
simple, pure, no strings attached

mystery is simple
sharp, transparent 
freedom and simplicity
at ever deeper levels
and higher . . . 
 beautiful concepts 
in which to delight
and to receive

I can go there whenever I wish
I need only remember
peace and beauty
are always there
at the heart of it all
waiting in love and patience
for me to turn toward them once more

I am never alone