Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seeking joy in the future

When I am Silent, I fall into the Place where everything is Music
- Rumi

Oftentimes I find happiness by looking forward to the next fun thing . . . 
That next vacation, spending time with someone I love,
a yummy dessert in my fridge . . . 
Big things and small
Looking toward the next thrill

When I was a consumer of illicit substances
I cherished the thought of my secret pleasure
Knowing I could get high and feel better . . .

Funny, it just hit me how this is so much 
not living in the moment! 
not staying in the now

I search my mind for a future positive event
to get me through the day
Rather than delight in where I am
Who I am 

This is my new awareness

As I stop looking for the next thrill
as a path to happiness.
And begin to walk, speak, live and love
In simplicity and gratitude
To smile at the life within and around me
My inner joy and freedom 
Can only expand

Needing the promise of something that's not here and now
to pull me through
 can be a heavy weight
Especially when there's a void
In the place where happy dreams live

Sweet simplicity
Simple joys
Simple beauty
Are present here and now

I smile at myself
I smile at my life
Smile at difficulties and frustrations
For they bring growth

I return to the moment
I can truly be no where else
Will never be!

Release all that binds
Revel in all that is
Peace and joy will follow

Simple and now
Pleasure and gratitude
My new way of being

To live in the place where everything is music
This place is within me
What more could I desire?

When I am Silent, I fall into the Place where everything is Music
- Rumi