Thursday, April 28, 2011

Faith Trumps All and Love Wins

Faith = Trust
I trust Love
My faith is in Love
I don't need to know or understand everything
(who can, anyway?)
Because I trust Love to know

If you believe in an all powerful Being
Created all there is
Knows all there is
Has power over all there is


Is Love . . .


If you know there is a force
An energy
That flows through all
Draws us toward love . . .

There is nothing to fear

What if my beliefs are wrong? 
What if I’ve been misled?

I’m sure some of my beliefs are wrong
I’m sure I've been misled,
By myself, or others

I trust Love.
Love always protects
Love can guide me to what I need to know
If I don’t know something now,
I don’t need to know it
Love knows

What about people I see
Who believe wrongly?
What if I see that you believe wrongly?

Can a person see into another’s soul?
Can a person reach in and change the beliefs of another?
Will my telling you that you're wrong
(even if I'm 100% correct!)
Convince you of anything,
If you're not in a place to receive? 

Will me telling you something false
(something I happen to believe is 100% true)
Cause you to believe a falsehood? 

Only if you don't desire truth.
Or, if believing the falsehood for a time
Is part of the journey Love knows you are on.
We all freely choose what we believe.
Deep down, we always do.

And we are all at different stages
of our journeys
This is the beauty; 
the magnificence!
Of the Love that I believe in

I believe in One who knows all 
and loves all
Each as they need to be loved

Repeating my truths to you
or raising my voice

Will never change your heart
And you cannot change mine.

Logical words might reach my mind
But . . .
Until my heart truly knows
The knowledge is empty

I am spirit
My true self
Is beyond anyone’s reach
But Spirit . . .

I trust Love to care for me
Carry me
Speak to me
Guide me
Protect me

I trust Love to be working
In me and in you
I trust that you are doing and believing
What you think is best
(even if I think you’re dead wrong!)

I ask the same in return

Whether we’re talking
God or politics
Trust the hearts of others
Trust that Love is overseeing all
And knows

I've had many companions on my journey
Who have shared much wisdom - 
Through whom Love has spoken

Wisdom touched and changed my heart
Wherever I was ready and able to receive

When we trust in a power
Greater than ourselves
We are free
And we free others
To share and walk in love

and then . . . 

Love wins!

I can think of multiple responses to and disagreements 
with what I've written.  
The main message is . . .
God knows what he's doing.
He knows what we're doing!
There is no fear in love
If we desire truth
and get off track . . . 
or start going totally the wrong way . . . 
Love will guide us home

Love Wins