Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reverse It: Love Never Punishes

Control . . . Manipulation
All the same thing

Love never punishes
Love doesn't manipulate or control
Love does not disdain or disapprove
Judge or condemn

Kindness and acceptance;
Love . . . 

Do these disappear, or pull back
If you don't treat me right,
or agree with me,
or behave as I think you should?

If I'm only happy with you
When you're measuring up,
This is not love

I cannot say I love you
If there are conditions.
Love has no conditions

Though I do my best to cover
Feelings and thoughts that are not love,
They are perceived. . .
You know.

A person always knows
On some level . . . 

How eagerly I seek this love without condition
And, with some, it is easily given.

With others . . . 
My heart draws back
In judgement
In fear
of being hurt,
or of appearing to approve of something, 
or believe something, that I do not.

Placing possible disapproval or misunderstanding from others
ahead of loving the one before me
(including fear of being misunderstood by the very one I love).

Or, sometimes, I just want to control another
to suit my wishes.

This is not love.  

Love never fails
In my humanity
I will fail

I open wide my soul
To drink deeply
To be cleansed and filled
With Love everlasting

Love flow through me
Love my beloved
Through me
With me

For You do not fail

(This is not to say we cannot establish healthy boundaries, and sometimes must do things that feel hurtful to another.  The challenge is to have a loving heart, as much as possible, through all circumstances, whether the other person sees it, or not.)