Friday, April 8, 2011

Love of Self

God is Love
I am in the image of God
I am love?

God is Eternal
My true, eternal Self
Knows, receives and gives

Housed in this mortal flesh
Permanent intertwined with temporary
The dying part of self
Clings to its “life”
Asserting rules; burdens
On the soul

We are called to love our enemies
Do I deserve love at least as much as any “enemy’ I might have?

Love is
Not easily angered
Keeps no record of wrongs

There is no fear in love
No judgment
No condemnation

I look at my world
Through my personal filters
Ascribe meanings
Based on my paradigms

If my paradigm
Is not one of self love
What manner of love do I give?

Oh, Precious one
Love has nothing to do with you
And everything to do with the One who loves

Accept and receive love from Love
Let go of all
Tracking one’s mistakes . . .
All that is not grace
All that is not love

Honor your true self
Trust your heart
Embrace the beauty
That is you
In the image of God
In the image of Love

Smile fondly upon your humanity
And you will be able to smile fondly
At the humanity of others

We are all children
We do the best we know how.
When we know better
We do better

It is not ours to judge
Not ours to condemn.
Or others

Speak grace to your soul
Whisper peace to your precious Self
Be still . . . rest
And love will flow
Without your knowing

Love without strings
Pure and free