Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stained Glass

I am a window of glass

Bright colors
Dance in sunlight

Dark hues
Murmur of enigmas
And mystery

Lines of shadow
Flow throughout
Delineating heart and soul
Loss and love

All I’ve ever known 
All I’ve ever been
Brings beauty
To this ever changing

You who cruelly pierced my heart
(Such sweet poison)
You who lovingly soothed my soul
Compassion and tenderness were yours

I remember your laugh
(I laugh it, still)
I remember the pain in your eyes
I remember disappointed hopes
Dreams unrealized

Screams of pain
Screams of joy

I remember unimaginable delight
Frolicking in the sun 
On a glorious summer day
Bare feet in dust and grass
Splashing through water
Giggles filling the air

Oh, joy!
The wind upon my skin
Oh, delight!
Hot sun upon my face

Every day contains
Darkness and light
Undertones of pain
Hints of promise

All my journeys
All my days
Needed to be walked
Needed to be lived
To stain

This window
Illuminated from within

The grime of fear
Obscures . . .  clouds . . .
 Bits of glass

Tears of fresh hope
Gently rinse
And reveal
New, deeper shades
Of rich color
Adorning the window
That is me

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