Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be the Bird

I once sat by my window
Listening to a bird sing its song
Over and over, it jubilantly sang
I imagined what thoughts might pass through my mind if I were that bird:

“Am I doing this right?”
“Am I boring my listeners by repeating the same notes over and over?”
“If only I were a Meadowlark, I’m sure people would enjoy my singing more.”
Self doubt . . . comparison of myself to others.  The usual human things we do.
(Do my blog posts just sound juvenile and silly?  Why am I even doing this?  Does it matter?  Why can't I get my silly bird picture to show up on my facebook link?)

Of course, the bird is only living out its’ purpose and singing the song it was given. I imagine it takes delight in perfecting every little trill.

Does a Crow lament that it is not a Hermit Thrush?
Does the Eagle wish it could hover like a Humming Bird? 
Does the Cardinal long for the ability to spin its’ head like an Owl?

In nature, birds, animals, plants, insects . . . they all live their purpose
In peace
With abandon
Immersed in the essence of their nature
They are complete

This is not a new idea
But, I like to return to it
To remember
We so easily discount ourselves

What song have you been given?
Do you wish it were prettier? 
Do you feel like a Crow in a world of Meadowlarks?
What dance were you given?  Does it feel awkward? 
What words have you been given?  Are you afraid to speak them?
Do they not seem to fit with the words of those around you?

Each of our songs is beautiful, unique and perfect for us.
Each dance, each word . . .
Whatever our essence . . .
It is what we’re meant to be at this time
Maybe the song will change
Maybe we’ll learn a different dance  . . .

But, right now, you are a gift
Right now, wherever you are
No matter how ugly or insignificant
You think your song
Whether you think anyone is hearing it
Or seeing you
Sing, speak, dance, walk, be . . .
In peace
With abandon
Because you are a gift to the world
Right now.

You being your true self
Will give life, goodness and hope
To people you may never even know

* * * *

What bird am I now?
A quiet bird
Whispering songs
Sweet songs
Which I hope resonate
With others
They resonate within me

My wings cannot lift me
But I am carried by Love
To great heights
I am nestled in sweet green grasses
Fragrant and safe

I know my song
I love my song
Nourished within
The full song is too great
Too intricate to be truly sung
By a bird like me
By any one bird

We all sing our bits
That’s why we must all sing our songs
Dance our dances
Speak our words
We are all part of the song of life
If you hide your part, something will be missing

Shuffle your feet, open your mouth, flap your wings
Be the true you
Otherwise, we’ll never know the beauty that is you
If you’ve got the screechy crow part, screech it out loud! 
We need you!
If you’re the dancer with two left feet, stumble across the dance floor.
We need you!
If all you can do is smile as you lie in bed, give us a grin.  Now!
We need you!

Oh, to truly love oneself.
To truly be at peace with ourselves in all our perfectly imperfect humanity.

I have come to a different understanding of perfection.
I am not broken.  I am not flawed.
I am perfectly human.  
Just as a bird is perfectly a bird, even though there are feathers out of place, perhaps disease in its’ body . . . it just keeps being the bird that it is.
What else would it be?