Friday, January 7, 2011

The Eternal Dance


On the first day, a bazillion atoms came into being.  All the atoms here now, were here then.  Or somewhere . . .
And all those atoms have been dancing since the beginning of time.
They never stop moving!
The spread throughout the galaxy  . . . they WERE the galaxy . . .
forming planets and stars and such . . .

And they transition from being part of one piece of the universe to being part of another, and another  . . .
Bits of us might have at one time been part of a planet, or a giraffe, or an accordion!  (well, you never know . . .)

And everything moves to different rhythms and patterns.  Atoms, cells, our bodies, planets, solar systems . . .
All is rhythm and movement.
We would die without movement and rhythm.
Constant . . . continual. . . . never ending . . .  eternal?

Bare feet on bare earth
I dance
In my chest, throughout my body,
I feel my spirit sing and dance
Swirling above me
To taste Spirit
Ah, but Spirit is already within me
Remember.  Listen.

Within me
All is movement
Atoms swirling
Blood flowing
Air pumping
Energy flowing
Through and around everything

Rhythms and cycles
Keep my body alive.
Keep this earth alive.

Think of it.
Think of it!
All that is within me
Is always moving
Always dancing
And yet, can be still.

The dance of the soul
Can be quiet and still

But, there’s more.
The dance extends far beyond me
Others’ lives are interwoven with mine
In a different sort of dance
Together we form an ever-changing tapestry

Layer upon layer
Everywhere you look
There are patterns and rhythms and cycles
People, trees, cars, mountains, clouds
Planets!  Solar systems!
Around us
“Above” us
Is the largest dance of all
Entire solar systems moving through space
Each doing its own outer space boogie
(or waltz, perhaps)
As they slowly swirl around each other.

Mind blowing
How it all fits and flows
Far beyond our comprehension.

Yet, the most beautiful dance is between spirit and spirit
Soul to soul
Energies touch and mingle
One’s essence is recognized and loved.

This dance is longed for by all.
We were built for it.
Meant for it.
Created for love.

Love created me.
Love created the dance.
All the many dances in and around me.
Are part of the love dance.

I long to dance with my Love.
Am I?
Should all the atoms die, this dance will never end.