Monday, January 3, 2011

Blind Eyes

What if we were all blind?
What if the only way we could know and interact with each other was with our voices?
We’d know and judge people by what and how a thing was said . . . or not said.

I was inspired by an article written by a blind woman (which I cannot now locate) as she spoke about her ability to “see” others better without the hindrance of sight.

No checking out the shape of another’s thighs or belly.  No categorizing a person by the style and quality of clothing they’re wearing.  No putting a person into the “unattractive” or “attractive” box;  or the "winner" or "loser" box.
Wouldn’t that be amazing?
It wouldn’t get rid of all the hindrances to truly knowing a person, but it would remove one of the big ones.

I’ve lost my voice on more than one occasion, and sometimes only have partial use of it now.  I am keenly aware of how much of who I am is communicated through my voice. 

Your body is only carrying around the part of you that really matters.  The spirit, the soul, one’s essence . . . whatever you want to call it.  The real you.  The true you.

What if no one could see me?  What if no one could develop expectations based on how I present myself; on how I look?
It’s an intriguing idea.

Would I pay more attention to what matters and less to what doesn’t? 
Would I be drawn to the same people?
Would there be more people who feel beautiful and special because they are being judged by who they are, rather than by how they look?
I  hope so
I think so.

The physical body, (though, it clearly serves a purpose!) is really only a vehicle, and can be a hindrance and a distraction from what really matters in this life.  (How in the world does the size of my thighs or the shape of my nose say anything about who I truly am?!)

My goal is to look at people with “blind eyes”; to be more aware of the soul inside whatever body that person might have been given.
To feel, hear and acknowledge the precious treasure that each of us is.