Monday, January 17, 2011

The light is always there

Darkness sits
At the bottom of my soul

It flows up and around
Blanketing all
That is me

The heavy voice of despair

Reminds me
No hope here

No place of escape
No safe place
Energy and light
Are dreams remembered

But . . . 

I do remember
I remember hope
I remember light

This too shall pass
Don’t quit before the miracle happens
I don’t know what’s around the bend

Others have been here
And walked on
Walked through

I am being refined
I am losing what I don’t need
I am learning what I do need

Let go
If it feels like I'm in darkness
Be in darkness

But, know it is an illusion

Remember the light
The light is there,
Whether it’s seen or not
The light is always there

The memory of sunlight
Warmth on my skin
Causes the darkness to lessen
The light is always there 

Though I lament all that is 
And all that is not
The light is always there

In my weakness and frustration
In my anger and my sadness
The light is always there