Monday, March 7, 2011


I am alone

My inner being
My deepest yearnings
No one knows
No one can know

I alone, live in my skin
Walk my path
Experience my life

This is as it should be
I cannot step into the skin of another . . .
See through their eyes

We imagine we understand
We touch souls to some extent
Energy, emotion, thought . . . 
Are communicated; felt.

But, I'll never know for sure
that chocolate tastes the same to you
as it does to me.
Or, that your pain
feels like mine.

The One who knows me better than myself
Is the only one privy to the darkest depths . . .
The deepest longings . . . 
They were placed there by Love in the first place.

What do I desire above all else?
To be truly known and truly loved.
So . . . two possible sources . . . 
Self and/or God.
And, even I don't really know myself . . .

I look to both.
To self to learn who I am . . .
To discover my beauty and abilities;
My lovableness.
(I listen for Love's voice as I do this.)

And I hope in Love/Creator/Friend
To truly know and love me
To carry me as needed
To touch me as needed
To let me know I'm touched and carried . . . 

I need to feel my own essence-
Who I am when I am not acknowledged and supported
by another human being.
Know and love my true self.
No one else can make or break me.
My choices determine my reality, my life, my happiness . . .

My beliefs
My trust
My hope in Love
My Center
Connection with Self
These are what truly matter

No one else can fix things for me
No one else can take away 
from who I am and who I can be.
My life; my reality
Ultimately rest in my hands
Guided by the Spirit in agreement with my spirit within.
This is my trust . . . belief . . . hope . . .