Monday, March 21, 2011

Mystery Outside the Boxes

Mystery, I am enthralled by you
My soul yearns to touch and know the unknowable
The secret magic of the Universe
The smiling whisper
The quiet sweet voice
Of the Spirit of Love

You, who live in Eternity
You, who formed the intricacies
of me . . . of all
I nestle into You

I want to hold Reality in my hand;
Grasp exact truths with my mind.

You offer vague indications
Wafer thin intuitions
Soft, incomplete, obscure,
Romantic, beautiful glimpses.
As the moon illuminates
My eyes search out the revealed edges of You.

Here is the richness
The always varying . . .
Wild, crazy, unexplainable
Unplumbable depths of

How precious, my simple little boxes
My childish attempts to understand,
Label, categorize, sort and file away
What can never be fully known.

I have lived in this surface place
The place of “shoulds” and “supposed to’s”
Impotently applying the rules as I understood them;
A roster of qualifications (and disqualifications),
Acceptable (and unacceptable) behaviors . . .
A catalogue of negation . . . separation . . . judgment . . .
Dismissive of all that did not fit my safe paradigm.

I felt safe as long as I had the right boxes checked off
As long as I fit within the boxes I believed to be the right ones.
Applying my simple black and white approach to life,
I could quickly and easily categorize anyone I met.
These standards I applied to myself, as well . . .
Usually finding myself wanting . . .
Subpar . . . in danger of disqualification.

Life in the world of “shoulds” is no life at all.
It is one dimensional
All is based on appearance and perception
On fitting into acceptable patterns and shapes
Anything beneath the surface, not fitting the patterns,
Is squelched
Creativity dies
Individuality dies

Mystery, I long for you
For depths far beyond my imagination
For beauty and delight

Life outside my cookie cutter
Concepts of reality
Life way outside any box I could construct
That’s where truth dwells

Oh Love, I am so grateful
Grateful that what I thought was You
Grateful there will always be more
More to learn . . . more to experience
More to stretch my mind . . . my heart . . . my soul . . 

You are not static
Life is not static
How could faith in You
Be static?

Life moves and soars
Changes and is changed
I listen for your
Quiet sweet voice
Your smiling whisper
I listen and thrill
At the sound; the touch;
Of Love