Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pre-Reveal Thoughts (HD)

Upsides of testing positive
1.  It would make this a more interesting and educational blog.  People could follow my journey through the different stages of the illness.
2.  My brother would have someone to share this journey with him.  (not that he wishes for this)
3.  Spiritual growth.  I keep thinking that there will be all these good learning opportunities for me and others, if I do have HD, therefore, I probably have it.  (I guess this would fall under the category of trying to read God's mind.)

Downsides of testing positive
Trying not to think about these . . .

I am in great fear.  Need to keep my head where my feet are.  
Also, allow myself grace . . . I am human, and it would be strange if I wasn't feeling some anxiety about such a big thing.