Monday, March 28, 2011

I Am Enough

Little by little
Lies fall away
Burdens given
Burdens imagined

Bit by bit
I see
The dreams of my heart
Are not empty longings
Never to be realized

The Source sings within me . . . 
Sings loud and strong . . . 
Tender . . . sweet . . .

The chorus echos across the universe
The music of the spheres
Resonates in our souls
Vibrates in the air we breathe

The earth below our feet
Clouds above us
All we see, touch, feel, smell . . . 
Everything delights
In the rhythm of Eternity

I let go
I slow down

Being is enough
Cherishing and enjoying
Are enough

I am enough
For I have eternity within me
The I Am and I
Are one
More than enough

You were always here, my Friend
I've always known you
Even when the knowing was not acknowledged
or understood

Real . . . True . . . Love

I am complete
We are complete
The song never ends
It is well with my soul.