Saturday, March 12, 2011


I find that I easily forget things I've "learned";
Insights, revelations, deeper knowing . . . 

I need to continually revisit 
Regularly remind myself of what is true;
Of what matters

A while back, I spent a period of time 
KNOWING that God is Love
It permeated my whole being
I felt like running around telling everyone
"Hey, God is love, God IS love, GOD IS LOVE!!!! . . . 
He doesn't have love, he is love!
Isn't that great?  Isn't this wonderful?!"

Time passes
The "revelation" fades
I remember the concept
Believe it intellectually
But, I don't presently sense it in my 
place of deep knowing.
That gut understanding . . .
Heart filling . . . overflowing place.

So, this, and other "truths", 
Are written about.  
Approached from different angles
So as to glean all that is solid and real
To be drawn ever deeper into my being
Integrating . . . melding . . .into Self, these
Morsels of goodness
Nestled deep
Feeding my soul

I need to be reminded of my own beauty and value
I need to be reminded that we all struggle in this world
We are all one, 
even as each of us is radically and wonderfully different.

I pile up the jewels I've found
Sifting through them
Shadow and sparkle
Depths and heights
Never ending, infinitely wild,
Ever changing, always solid