Friday, March 11, 2011

Dark Veils

Dark veils cloud the mind
Weigh down the heart
Touch the places of fear
And feed them

I am a light that cannot be hidden
My life; my reality
Can be seen and felt
Through the haze

My body is a barrier
Through which I fight
To see and experience
Crystal clear, beautiful Reality

Everything is sharp and bright
Good and beautiful
When influences of my physical being
Are parted and stepped through

I step through the veil
There is no weight

Dark veils encumber movement
Of mind and soul
Impede the shedding of layers now dead
Like scales detached, but not allowed to fall

Dark veils envelope and contain;
Artificially darken my gaze
Obscure my vision

The veils are nothings . . . 

I feel warm breezes on my skin
I smile
I remember me
I remember Me!

Birds sing
Sun shines
People talk and laugh
Life continues
Sharp and clean
Even through a muddied lens
I feel the sharpness
The goodness

You cannot muffle truth
Reality is solid and clear
Dark veils are tissue paper
Melting in the rain

See?!  Here is the Real
Here is the good
What is true . . . 

The rains of truth
Disintegrate the veils
Strand by strand
First revealing the form 
Then washing them away completely
To reveal What Is

What is, is good and true
Cannot be destroyed or marred
What is, is eternal
Forever safe
Forever good

I am part of that forever
I am a jewel in that river
A jeweled droplet in the flow never ending
Never ending bliss

When the veils come
I forget
But, then the rain returns