Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Lamenter

The lamenter stands alone
Face to the sky
Tears streaming
"Oh God, Oh God"
"Hear me!  Hear me!"

"Heal me."

The lamenter pours out his soul to others.
"Oh, how I long to be known; to be heard . . . "
"To be truly understood."
Words of comfort are spoken.
Hugs given.
The lament is shared.

Always the gaze is outward . . . 
Where is our help?
Where is our comfort?
Help us!
Touch us!

The lamenter screams his throat raw.
Grieving the loss of dreams once held.
"I've tried so hard . . . given so much."
Drained and empty
He sits
In quiet

And hears . . . 

A still small voice.

Inside himself
A truth.
A remembrance.

Be still

How much of my "worship" has been a
Reaching high to grasp and bring God down to me?
How many songs have I sung
Filled with the pain of longing
For what the words I sing promise?

Prayers of lament, longing and desire.

When all along, the answer was . . .

Look within
I am here!
Look around you
I am everywhere!

All is good.
All is as it should be.
There are no empty spaces.
I fill everything.

Rip away the veils



Love never leaves