Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beliefs Change Reality

Information sits
in my head
trickling down
to the heart below
Where beliefs and meanings
Solidly rest

My heart is anchored
In knowing
What it’s been trained to know

Information flows down;
Knowledge newly gained
Reaches to touch and change

My deepest self knows

But, my heart protects
Holds firm
Over time
A truth gently wears away
A lie
Bringing a new

You know, when you know, that you know . . .
Words in my head
Intellectual understanding
Mean little
Until my heart accepts and believes

Then the switch is thrown
Everything seems clear
Suddenly, I walk in new freedom
Everything is changed
When I accept and believe
New meanings

Knowledge doesn’t change Reality
(or does it?)
It does change my reality.

When I thought I had Huntington’s Disease
I subconsciously gave meaning to every possible symptom
Even though, intellectually, I knew it was probably nothing
I caused myself to be less well, because of this unconscious belief.

Now that I know I don’t have HD
My “symptoms” have lost their meaning
I am experiencing new freedom.

I am remembering, again
That all is well in the universe
That I needn't try to fix or figure it all out.
Such a wonderful relief!

Our thoughts affect our health
(mental and physical)
More accurately, what we believe affects the body
Body, Spirit and Mind are all intertwined
We can learn to change each aspect of Self
We can focus on what is good and true
Allowing the thoughts to sift through our hearts
Until the heart accepts and believes
And we are transformed.

The key is to focus on what I know to be right and good
And when I'm not sure what's true
Choose to believe the very best, most freeing, of all possibilities 
(why not?!)
Remember, remember, remember
'Til my heart, in turn, remembers
And rests

Scientists are exploring, learning and explaining 
How our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, etc.
Cause physiological change.
(Can you say Quantum Physics? . . . Epigenetics?)

We were created to flourish in love and goodness
We can affect ourselves and others
By what we believe, how we think,
and what we choose.  

Explore, explore, explore!
Reality is wide open
Wonderful and beautiful!
Indescribable mysteries to be seen, experienced and shared.