Sunday, March 20, 2011

I am Safe

I am safe
I am one, always, with Love
Nothing can separate

Troubles come;
Vision becomes obscured
I forget
Feel lost and alone
"My God, my God, where are you?"
Just as the Father never left his Son
(Even at the cross)
I am never alone

Joined forever
Love that never ends
Faithful always

Always carried
Always safe

You cannot drag me away
I am rooted; connected; joined
I smile at empty lies
I turn my back on threats of death and despair;
on the fear of not knowing; not understanding
It matters not

I have traveled miles and years
through lands that felt forsaken
Toiled to shape a reality to my liking
I forgot what I'd known
Forgot my Self
Swallowed . . . followed
 Lies that hurt me and others 

But . . .
I was rooted always
Connected always
Nothing can separate me 
From Love

Brings healing

I was always carried
Always safe

My soul remembers
and rests