Thursday, March 3, 2011

Post Reveal Thoughts (HD)

Actually, I can barely think right now.  Such a draining day.  All day long I kept thinking of the number 17 and praying that 17 would be my result (anything 35 or under means you don't have HD . . . actually, that's not quite right . . . I could've still had it with a lower number . . . and my children could've been at risk if I was over 26)
So, I was handed the folder with my results, and my numbers are 25 and 17!

I have all kinds of weird thoughts and feelings . . . a lot because, at the end I didn't do that well at staying in the moment, and was already picturing myself walking the "Huntington's Walk" and everything else that comes along with HD.

I'll have more to share tomorrow.  
Now, I rest.