Saturday, February 19, 2011

Apples and Oranges

Two friends walk together through the woods
One turns to his companion and says,
“I'm hungry.  Could I have an apple?”
The companion replies,
“I’m sorry.  I have no apples but I have some fresh oranges in my pack.”
Friend:  “But, I don’t want an orange, I want an apple!”
Companion:  “I have this beautiful, ripe, juicy orange.  Please enjoy it.”
Friend:  “No, I need an apple.  If you really cared about me, you’d give me an apple.”
The friend stomps off angry and hurt that his friend could be so unkind as to deny him the apple that he clearly needs.
The companion scratches his head in confusion as he enjoys a sweet, juicy orange.

Do I demand apples from someone who has a basket full of oranges?
Do I try to put my expectations onto others; 
limit what I deem acceptable?
Do I judge others by my definitions of what is loving, kind, correct, spiritual, intelligent, etc.?

Whatever I have, I was given
Abilities, strengths, weaknesses . . .

I live from what I’ve received
Give from what I was given
Same for us all

I've spent a lot of time in my life resenting and feeling hurt that I didn't receive what I thought I needed. 
I've judged people by my (arbitrary) standards.
The same's been done to me.  
What is true for you, may not always be true for me.
Where God has led me, may not be where he is leading you.

We walk side by side listening to the same voice.

I am free.
I am unbound.
I carry the weight of no man (or woman!)
Upon my shoulders,
Including the weight of Self
None of us owes an explanation to anyone but
 the One who lives within us (and he already knows).
(though, we will surely share our stories and help each other out,
 along the way)

There is One whose job it is to take care of this universe 
and everything in it.
It ain't me and it ain't you.

Isn't that a relief?
We can just be who we are and allow others to do the same.
No expectations.  No judgment.
Only sweet, beautiful, crazy life.