Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Power of a Lie

I am amazed by how powerful the belief of a lie is.
Not a lie I tell, knowing it to be untrue
But, a lie I hear, or tell myself, that I accept as true.

The week before Christmas, I was at risk of taking my own life.
Because I wanted to die?
Not really.
I had created and believed a series of lies regarding my value and place in this world.
And at a time of extreme physical weakness, 
compounded by other stresses
those lies triggered emotions that signaled back to my brain the message:  I can't bear to exist anymore.

The power of a lie believed is that it enables you to forget what is true.
Truth, replaced by a lie, can be deadly.
Lies allowed to exist, without confronting them with truth
lead to emotions out of control, and a mind that forgets 
what is real and true
Which can lead to stupid and harmful words or actions.

I believe that knowing truth at a gut level, sets you free.
I don't mean intellectual knowledge . .  . 
(God is love, yeah, right, I know that)
(Sure, sure, I know I'm valuable and special, blah, blah, blah)

All it takes is a moment
Something clicks . . .and I "get it"!
And everything changes

Like my motto "Mind your own business"  (see last post)
I'd forgotten it
I've remembered again, and I feel so much lighter
I feel free and okay.

They're just words.
But when they turn into revelation . . .
Into something you get at a gut level
Everything changes.

Truth is easily forgotten, if not kept in front of you.
I do best when I keep notes around 
Put things on my walls
Do something to remind me of whatever has been helpful

If a belief brings burden and despair
It's got a lie in it
Look for the truth

I believe that at the root of all truth, is love.
Truth is good.
Truth can hurt, but it's still good
Because it's real
Living in reality brings freedom

Lies are muddy, fuzzy, confusing
Truth cleanses, clarifies, is solid
And gives life.

Learn what is true
Remember what is true
And live

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