Sunday, February 27, 2011


 I am one
I am many
Memories, beliefs, feelings . . .
Many voices

One voice
One true voice
Speaks through me
I am many
I am one

I hear Your voice
In each voice
I hear and know
I am drawn
To heart and soul
I am drawn to the light
I see, I sense, in each soul
Each voice

My heart; my life
Reaches out
To touch
To love
The life

Such pleasure
The light of a smile
A shared knowing look
Shared pain
We know
And are known
By love
Through love

Our voices communicate self
Our voices carry love
To the souls
Of others

Truth spoken
Can bring freedom
Your truth
Not what's been given to you by another
Only the truth that's been given to you
By Spirit within

Speak truth
Speak hope
To those listening
For the voice of Love
Speaking through us