Friday, February 4, 2011

The Dancing Disease (HD)

If I am to have a horrible genetic disease, it seems fitting that it involve dancing.  The original name for HD is Huntington’s Chorea.
"Chorea" comes from the Latin and Greek words meaning chorus or a group of dances. The term was given to many so-called "dancing disorders" that became noticed in the Middle Ages.

It is now more commonly called Huntington’s Disease, but I like to think of it as the dancing disease. 

I’ve also heard it referred to as the Marionette’s disease.  Sometimes, people with HD seem to almost not be touching the ground.  They are being danced.

My grandmother died not that long ago at the age of 96.  During her last years, the last one in particular, it seemed to me that she was gradually transitioning away from life on this earth.  She became “lighter”; less connected to this physical plane. Her short term memory didn’t work so well.  She became more and more like a child. 
It was quite sweet and beautiful.

HD is a very, very different thing from the natural aging process, but I hope that in some ways, I can still view and experience it as a very slow, gradual dance away from this earth to a place of love, joy, peace, beauty and freedom (and energy!), whether it be for myself or for those I love.

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