Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sands of Time

I swim through the sands of time
Sand sparkles in the sun
Streams between my fingers
Scatters hard against my face

I flow through the sands of time
Skin burns at the touch
Flesh scraped raw
I travel on

I fight time
I fight what is
Clothes and skin shred
I am shredded away

I stand in the sands of time
Fists clenched
I scream 
At what is

Scream long
Scream loud
Scream at the fight
Which cannot be won

Scream loud
Scream long
For all those hurt
By what is

I lie on the sands of time
Face to the sky
Count the diamonds
Count the diamonds in the sky

Sand firm and cool beneath my back
Dark mystery above and around me
I am engulfed by time
In quiet surrender

Patience, my Love
Time flows
Round and round it goes

All will be well
All will be well

I will swim again
The scream will return
'til there are no more sands of time
Within which to swim

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