Saturday, February 26, 2011

Empty Expectations

Projections into the future
Living where you're not

Hopes and dreams
Built on air
In reality

Emotions attached
To illusions
Self created

False belief  
That you can know
Or control
The future
Can create or foresee
What “should be”

When dreams die
When expectations
Are not realized
Where are you?

You are always
Only one place:
The present

You always know
Only one time:

Breathe in now
Feel the earth beneath you . . . now
Know you have all you need
For right now

Every moment
Every day
You will have what you need
Your future is revealed
One day at a time
No other way

* * * * * * * * *

Results of placing expectations on others; on how the future will be . . . 
resentment, hurt, disappointment, anger, hopelessness . . . 
Expect yourself to do the best you know how right now.  
Trust others to do the same.
There's no other time within which we can live.
It is always now.

Let go of yesterday.
Let go of tomorrow.
All is well at this moment.

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