Friday, February 25, 2011

Nothing Changes (HD)

52 years this body has existed
52 years ago its genetic makeup was set
By God alone

To be revealed
To the owner of this body

At conception
Was there a special little party
On chromosome 4 (address 4p16.3)?
Did my trinucleotide repeats get carried away
Going beyond the usual 35 repeats or less?

This is the information I will receive
How many CAG repeats are there at that particular address
On chromosome 4?

If the number is high
The unanswerable question is
When will neurons start dying
Are they already?
When will my body start showing the signs of it?

The bigger question is
What does one do to prepare for such information?

Nothing, really.

Nothing changes
My body, my self
Will not change
With the knowing

The day after knowing will not vary greatly from the day before.
So the real question is
 How will I choose to respond to whatever the news may be?
(an easier question if I am "normal")

I plan to share champagne with my family
No matter what the results are
Celebrate life
This is all part of life
Until the freedom of death

The main thing to do is remember
Remember what I know
Remember there are choices
Remember to stay in the moment

Remember that Love is real
Remember that Love fills, surrounds and carries me

Remember that my precious body and soul
Will be carried and led lovingly
Whether it malfunctions, or not
And we will all have malfunctions of the body
We all need Love to carry and guide
Til we're home

p.s. to those who have not read earlier posts, I am awaiting results of a genetic test to see if I have Huntington's Disease.

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